The Future of Hematopoietic Cellular Therapy Lies in
Innovative, Best-in-Class Assays for
High Precision, Reliable Results

Only Preferred Cell Systems™ has the most advanced hematopoietic cellular therapy assays to provide cell processing laboratories with convenient, easy-to-use, rapid and cost-effective testing to help ensure products have the quality and potency necessary for patients.

The hierarchy of hematopoietic Assays-in-a-Box™ below shows the most to the least advanced tests available from Preferred Cell Systems™ . 

Preferred Cell Systems™ knows that high quality results can affect a patient's outcome. That's why we guarantee all of our products and provide the highest quality of technical assistance. Contact us today: (719) 264-6251 or


Growth Media and Reagents

  • HemoGro™: Base serum-free medium for all applications
  • CellExpand™: Ready to use cell expansion growth medium
  • HemaFlow™: The Intelligent Cell Differentiation Assay to Replace the CFU Assay
Hierarchy of Hematopoietic Assays for the Cellular Therapy Processing Laboratory

Instrument-Based, Non-Subjective Assay Kits 
for the Cell Processing Laboratory

HALO® Cellular Therapy Assay Kits that are Standardized and
Validated for the Discerning Scientist

HALO® Cell Quality Assays

  • STEMpredict™: 3-day, predictive progenitor cell quality, viability and functional assay
  • HALO® QC: Optimize progenitor cell processing procedures and methodologies

HALO® Identity, Purity and Strength (Potency) Assays

  • HALO® SC-IPS: progenitor cell identity, purity and strength (potency) assay 
  • HALO® RS: Establishing a reference standard for progenitor cells

HALO® Engraftment and Patient Monitoring Assay


Fast and Easy, Instrument-Based, Non-Subjective Assay Kits

  • ATP Bioluminescence Readout with Optional Standardization and Flow Cytometric Capability
  • Fluorescence Readout with Excellent Flow Cytometric Capability
  • Absorbance Readout with Excellent Flow Cytometric Capability

Standardized Methylcellulose Colony-Forming Assays

  • CAMEO™-96: The standardized differentiation and proliferation methylcellulose CFU assay for stem and progenitor cells
  • Allcolonies™: Detection of rare primitive stem cells.

Methylcellulose Colony-Forming Assays