Quality and Potency Assays for Cells Used in Regenerative Medicine

Ensuring the quality and potency of cells used in regenerative medicine should be the highest priority. At the present time there are no "global" reference standards for any cell type used in regenerative medicine therapy. However, the need to ensure that patients receive cells of the highest quality and potency is of the utmost importance.

Potency assay development should be initiated in parallel with the development of a new therapy. For many cell types, this involves a functional assay based on a known biochemical reaction or characteristic.

The term Regenerative Medicine includes not only cells of the mesenchymal system, but also those derived from ES and iPS cells, which could include mesenchymal cells, but also cells from other biological systems. Quality and potency assays for these cell types are often lacking or are not developed until they are needed for regulatory purposes.

To help provide a possible basis for quality and potency assays, Preferred Cell Systems™ offers specific products for mesenchymal cells and starter assay kits for ES- and iPS-derived cells. These can be a basis for more sophisticated functional potency assays. 


Supplements and Media

  • MSCGro™: Growth and differentiation media for mesenchymal cells

Quality and Potency Assays for Mesenchymal Cells

  • Standardized and Validated ATP Bioluminescence Assays
    • MSCGlo™ QC: Ensures procedures and methodologies are optimized
    • MSCGlo™ SC-IPS: The only assay that predicts quality and strength (potency) of MSCs

Build Your Own Potency Assay