The Leader in Assays for In Vitro Hematotoxicity Testing and High-Throughput Screening 

Access our line of bone marrow toxicity / stem cell hematotoxicity assays from the sub-menu on the left. Preferred Cell Systems™ offers the largest selection of assays to detect bone marrow toxicity. These include colony-forming cell (CFC/CFU) assays that are used to determine effects on differentiation and maturation response to drugs and other agents. 

However, the majority of drugs and other agents interfere with the proliferation process, rather than the differentiation of cells. Specifically designed for bone marrow toxicity and stem cell hematotoxicity, in particular, HALO®-Tox HT is the most advanced and reliable toxicity assay platform validated for this purpose. Available in both 96-well and 384-well plate formats, HALO®-Tox HT is a complete, ready to use, standardized assay platform. Measure cytotoxicity of individual stem or progenitor cell populations or use our "global" hematotoxicity assays to detect cytotoxicity to 4-, 5- or 7-populations simultaneously.

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  • Cell Expansion Media
    • CellExpand™: Cell expansion reagents for multiple cell populations and species.
  • Methylcellulose Colony-Forming Assays
    • CAMEO™-4: A quadruplicate, miniaturized CFC assay for multiple populations and species.
    • CAMEO™-96: A duel endpoint CFC, 96-well plate assay that allows colony enumeration and measures total colony proliferation for bone marrow toxicity/stem cell hematotoxicity. 
    • ColonyGro: The traditional CFC assay. 
  • Cytotoxicity/Proliferation Assays
    • HemaToxFlow™: An in vitro, flow cytometric hematotoxicity assay for human and murine stem and progenitor cells. HemaToxFlow™ can be used to replace the CFC differentiation assay.
    • HALO®-Tox HT: The most advance bone marrow toxicity/stem cell hematotoxicity, high throughput platform used by half of the top 50 biopharmaceutical companies.
    • HALO® PRT: The only assay to detect residual toxicity and detect changes in drug sensitivity.